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Retrofitting Providers

Electric utilities interested in receiving mitigation funds to retrofit high-risk poles for eagles should  register with the Eagle ILF Program to become eligible as Retrofitting Providers. Retrofits conducted through this program serve to offset new incidental take occurring elsewhere in the eagle population and assist the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in meeting their obligations to preserve eagles under Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Request for Grant Proposals

The Eagle ILF Program periodically offers Requests for Proposals for competitive-grant cycles. Grant funding will be used to mitigate distribution power poles at high risk for eagle electrocution to meet industry “avian-friendly” criteria. Grant funding is designed to reimburse the full cost of mitigation materials, labor (staff or contract), mobilization, and equipment use. There is no requirement for matching funds or in-kind contributions to receive the grant funding. Please contact program staff to be included in our mailing list for future RFP announcements.

How the Program Works for Utilities

Electric utilities may be eligible to work with the Eagle ILF Program to identify and retrofit poles at high-risk of electrocuting eagles. The Eagle ILF Program staff will work with each utility to determine preferred mitigation techniques and products that meet the utility’s engineering standards.  The Eagle ILF Program will reimburse utilities for time and materials to fix poles as outlined in a mutually agreed upon retrofitting plan


The Eagle ILF Program carefully evaluates the qualifications and of each electric utility to determine eligibility as Retrofitting Providers. Preference will be given to utilities that meet the following criteria:
  • Avian Protection Plan: Participating electric utilities should have an Avian Protection Plan (APP) written within the previous 10 years. The APP should provide detailed retrofitting plans using eagle-friendly standards developed from a risk assessment as outlined by Avian Power Line Interaction Committee guidelines (APLIC 2006, APLIC and USFWS 2005).
  • Accelerate Retrofitting Plan: Electric utilities should be able to document that funds from the ILF Program will accelerate their current retrofitting activities to achieve eagle-friendly circuits. Mitigation funds are intended to supplement existing retrofitting budgets, not replace them.
Utilities who do not meet these criteria may still be eligible to participate in the ILF Program at the discretion of the Eagle ILF Program and USFWS.  Considerations will include financial capacity of the utility and the conservation benefit to eagles.

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